THE ROYAL INVESTMENT BANK (RIBK) is a royal investment bank established in 2021 with the support of THE ROYAL INVESTMENT FUND (RIFK). Both companies are part of an exclusive investor community, whose members include prominent representatives of the world's royal families, prominent families and internationally respected investors and professionals.

ROYAL INVESTMENT BANK was granted an Investment Banking License in 2022 by the Malaysian regulatory authority, LABUAN FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY under number: 220147BI.

RIBK is the perfect 21st century international banking tool for the most discerning private investors.

RIBK's client structure is made up of traditional royalty and investor families as well as foreign investors operating in Malaysia or internationally and further expanding to include major manufacturers/producers involved in export (import). Under the RIB DIGITAL and THE ROYAL STABLE COINS project and the follow-on digital exchange project (EXCHANGE), the Bank is able to serve the needs of regional conglomerates, government agencies and major banking and investment groups.

THE ROYAL INVESTMENT BANK is represented in more than 15 countries around the world thanks to its affiliation with the RIF fund structure with the aim of maximum global coverage.


Our mission is to be a perfectly diversified international premium investment bank with a reputation for successful deal making.

Our vision is to focus on gaining competitive advantage and building a strong position in the Asian and international investment banking.

Our plan is to elevate RIBK to cooperation with future other RIB entities, internationally. Via this cooperation RIBK becomes an international private investment bank providing liquidity to the financial and non-financial sectors.

We aim to be present in the financial world as a prestigious place to manage financial resources in Asian and international infrastructures and humanitarian projects.

RIBK Consultancy Services

Our services to clients are supported by our own independent research tracking leading global markets, focusing on the economy, industries in defined sectors and specific companies.

An online portal on investing and related education, THE ROYAL MARKET, provides direct electronic access to detailed reports.

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RIBK Financial Services

Corporate Banking focuses on structuring financial instruments that complement and facilitate investment banking transactions (e.g. leveraged finance, general offer finance, acquisition finance, syndicated finance, etc.).
The lending capabilities reinforce the Bank's strength in providing comprehensive investment banking packages that have been identified as best suited to clients' business needs.

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RIBK Islamic Banking

We offer Sharia compliant products and services to customers interested in investment banking products and services. The philosophy of THE ROYAL INVESTMENT BANK is to provide solutions to provide maximum convenience but in accordance with Islamic rules. This approach promotes the long term sustainability of the finance and banking industry, making it a safer environment for the client.

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RIBK Treasury

We offer our clients a wide range of investment and hedging solutions. Our dedicated team continually reviews and updates all necessary input information, benchmark prices for all levels of the money market, fixed income rates, and monitors the foreign exchange markets in other areas for our clients.

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RIBK Investment Management

We provide conventional and Shariah compliant investment solutions ranging from collective investment programs, private investment programs, portfolio management services and alternative investments for retail, corporate, high net worth individual and institutional clients. Through THE ROYAL MARKET's online portal, our clients have a constant overview of their investments as well as new investment incentives.

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The ROYAL STABLECOINS have one main aim: to redefine what stability and trust mean in the world of stable coins. Our "Royal Stablecoins" offer a unique solution that transcends the typical contributions to the crypto space. We introduce three main coins: ROYAL EURO (REUR), ROYAL DOLLAR (ROYAL), and ROYAL GOLD (RXAU), providing the market with something unique as stablecoins that are fully backed by a 1:1 real value ratio, whether in cash or assets like gold, and fully comply with the Islamic classification of digital assets, ensuring ethical and inclusive financial practices.


THE ROYAL MARKET is an online gateway to the sales environment of the entire RCC Group. It is a platform that connects the investment, transaction, and financial world of Royal platforms. It provides all information on other entities within the ROYAL world in one private place, and it is a closed environment for a limited number of investors. The platform is a communication tool and offers education and training courses (certified or non-certified) focused on the financial world, as well as it´s a digital showroom for our projects and products.

THE ROYAL MARKET (RM) synergically uses other platforms as „processors“ to form the market‘s brain and background. Not only online RM provides and arranges exclusive auctions and offers individual care for investors. The platform combines traditional, modern, and fintech topics to create one robust environment that brings together the synergies of the group. The physical side of THE ROYAL MARKET platform is provided by one of its main pillars THE ROYAL MARKET NETWORK as a service provider for investors. It provides perfect personal service according to individual needs. It brings together professional banking experts from 12 countries for education, investment process and care in close association. This offers the highest quality of service and completes the perfect investment environment for the investor.


Education as the essence for knowledge. The added value of ROYAL EDUCATION platform is complemented by education as the key to success, which is why we want to offer our investors sophisticated education based on unique investment information before the investment itself.

They are sophisticated, high quality and effective from leading experts with years of experience and expertise. The courses regularly educate on the investment topics and sectors offered by RCC. We respect the recent dynamic development of the financial sector and combine traditional, modern and fintech topics.

Address Malaysia:
  • Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre
  • P.O. Box 10905
  • 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address Great Britain:
  • 30 St Mary’s Axe
  • The City London Greater London
  • EC3A 8BF
  • United Kingdom