About us

RIBK was granted an Investment Banking License in 2022 by the Malaysian regulator LABUAN FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY under number: 220147BI. The INVESTMENT BANK license guarantees the expertise to provide services in the following fields: (a) Provision of financial credit (b) Provision of consulting and advisory services relating to corporate and investment matters, including securities trading, or making and managing investments on behalf of a third party (c) The carrying out of foreign exchange transactions, interest rate swaps, derivatives or derivative financial instrument transactions or other similar risk management activities
(d) Conducting investment banking in the field of Labuan under Islamic law (e) The provision of insurance services with the approval of the Minister and the Insurance Authority (f) The provision of construction finance loans for the purchase of land or the financing of construction (g) Conducting credit token transactions. Includes: - Debit card scheme - transactions of exchange for goods/services, electronic money - authorizes the offering of digital assets h) Conducts business development financing i) Provides leasing services j) Provides factoring services k) Provides money brokerage services l) Other activities with the approval of the Ministry's office RIBK, as a holder of an Investment Banking License, may act as a fund manager under Section 40 of the LFSSA.
Business objectives of RIBK
RIBK is the royal banking vehicle for prestigious investment family office and private qualified investors. It focuses on wealth management, transactions or specialized financial operations in the digital world. And it does so using a new hybrid fintech solution. It also focuses on trading, which includes precious metals, gold, energy and strategic commodities or FOREX. Last but not least, RIBK offers synergies in asset management with RCC strategic partners in local and global markets. The RIBK also targets corporate and financial advisory, debt structuring and hedging, securitization, restructuring, buyouts, structured finance and possibly Islamic and standard investment banking products and services.
The RIBK also offers the opportunity to leverage RIFK’s private royal funds for premium investments in specialized growth sectors: ■ Regulated Hybrid Fintech Banking Solutions ■ Software solutions ■ Real estate, asset management, development ■ Hi-tech parks and light engineering, automotive with an emphasis on ecology ■ Renewable energy ■ Mining and distribution of strategic commodities ■ Medical solutions and major arts
This platform is the heart of digitized vision of whole RCC Group. Starting with ROYAL IDENTITY where client data are stored, processed, taken care of and provided to our RCC entities for smooth move within RCC world. Followed by financial services via ROYAL DIGITAL platform projects & services like ROYAL BROKER - single gateway to global regulated investments and complemented by ROYAL INSURANCE, ROYAL CREDIT AND LOANS, ROYAL SOFTWARE - our own solutions, ROYAL ATS – customized hardware for financial services, ROYAL SECURITY HOUSE or ROYAL DEPOSITORY. All open for franchise including exclusive licences.
Project and entity where client data are stored, processed, taken care of and provided to our RCC entities for smooth move within RCC world. Based and protected in the European territory. In compliance with toughest data processing standards and regulations.
As part of the Royal Digital, THE ROYAL BROKER is an intended complementary entity that concludes the portfolio of services for clients and partners of RCC in the financial sector with its services as a securities trader. A company based in the EU will allow close cooperation with the local stock exchange.
The unique idea is to operate on the basis of decentralized blockchain as a technology ensuring significantly high security and speed for processing transactions. Another advantage of blockchain solution is real-time, instant execution. The actual execution of transactions will take place on digital currency basis and in the digital currency environment. The services of the securities trader will therefore be offered without time constraints and eliminated by delays and price increases caused by intermediaries.
THE ROYAL ABS as part of ROYAL DIGITAL is project of payment and emoney institution running on unique technological solution. It's a long term program which aims to offer wide range of financial services on latest technological platforms according to respective regulations. All in controlled and secure environment within private ownership.
Be it above mentioned payment services, emoney services, or other adjoining solutions, automated insurance, online broker, automated microloans, digital depository, digital exchange or digital security house. All of them feature signature ABS software solution and customized hardware equipment. Described digital transaction ecosystem will be offered to run under various types of franchise, always customized in line with local regulatory requirements.
As part of the Royal Digital, THE ROYAL ATS is a specialized entity concentrating on supplies and leases of: - multifunctional financial kiosks - POS terminals - multifunctional financial branches Our facilities provide a wide range of customization and, in terms of software equipment, worth mentioning is a unique blockchain-based system solution.
The financial kiosk can be customized in a wide range of applications according to your wishes and needs, in particular: - payment services - cash services - insurance services - government administration and self-government services
As part of the Royal Digital, THE ROYAL SECURITY HOUSE will offer our clients and partners a unique combination of traditional solutions for trust or storage of e.g. commodity products (most often gold or diamonds) and the latest security technologies.
Our operational and technological solutions combine years of experience in the operation of our experts in the financial sector and modern software solutions based on decentralized blockchain. The use of this technology will allow meeting the highest safety standards and, at the same time, make it possible to optimize process time.
Project and entity of online insurance services complementing our financial service range.
ROYAL CREDIT is a project to address the need for lending. Through our specialized company we will offer our clients and partners quick loans provided directly at our financial kiosk. The financial kiosk from our portfolio of solutions under the umbrella of our company THE ROYAL ATS is operating on the basis of decentralized blockchain, which ensures high level security of operations.
In addition, the financial kiosk will enable modern KYC process directly at the kiosk, followed by a simple process for obtaining a loan and offering direct cash collection of the loan provided.
As part of the Royal Digital, THE ROYAL EXCHANGE is a project that aims to set up the settlement of exchange operations based on the latest technologies in the financial sector. It is based on a decentralized blockchain system that provides a high security standard in daily management, transactions and settlement, eliminates the risk of errors and increases the speed and cost of processes.
Address Malaysia:
  • Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
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  • P.O. Box 10905
  • 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address Great Britain:
  • 30 St Mary’s Axe
  • The City London Greater London
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